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William D. Hatch


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“Bill Hatch's book Ride the Horses, Feed the Lions, gives us a sense that the author is on a kind of personal crusade to help salespeople be more gentle and helpful for their prospects than they are usually perceived. Hatch argues that by being helpful rather than pushy, salespeople will be more successful, customers will get more of what they want and the reputation of the sales profession will be enhanced as a whole. The role that sales leaders play is significant in this transformation. I enjoyed Bill Hatch's easy, conversational style. The many stories the author tells make his core message more tangible and accessible for the reader. It is good to find a book on Sales Leadership that comes at the subject from a stylistic perspective, when most others are forcing attention on the hard facts of sales performance.”

Peter Strohkorb, author of the OneTeam™ sales productivity booster program:
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“What interests me about Ride the Horses, Feed the Lions is, I recently inherited one of these personalities at a new Vice President of Sales position I had just taken, and I was looking for greater insight on how to manage and lead this challenging, unique, undisciplined but remarkable talent. This rep of mine is an enigma. I loved this guy but wanted to fire him. I was unsure how to handle him. In Bill’s book, Ride the Horses, Feed the Lions he takes you through a journey on how to champion this maverick and embrace their stylistic personality. Ride the Horses, Feed the Lions, indeed! Through Bill's eyes and his stylistic, but easy writing style, I was able to better understand what makes this personality profile tick and what I could do to harness their full sales potential without me allowing this ‘maverick personality’ to become a distraction or a deterrent to me and the overall health of my sales team. Bill astutely points out ‘you may get frustrated if you don’t understand the asset they are and can become.’ The Stylistic Salesperson has given me a much greater understanding of this rare gem. If you don’t have one in your sales team you’re missing out on the real ‘rain maker.’ Bill walks you through how to identify this talent and what they bring to the equation. They’re a game changer for sure! Thank you Bill for sharing your wealth of knowledge and helping me better understand and better manage The Stylistic Salesperson!”

Matt Kelly, VP of Sales, Fairway Architectural Railing Solutions,

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